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Adverbial Clause adalah anak kalimat yang menjelaskan tentang induk kalimatnya. Anak kalimat inilah yang disebut dengan Adverbial clause. Anak kalimat menjelaskan induk kalimatnya dengan terlebih dahulu didahului oleh kata sambung (conjunction) tertentu.
Cara membentuk Main Clause dan Adverbial Clause adalah sama. Main Clause dan Adverbial Clause masing-masing dibentuk dari sebuah subject dan predicate. Penempatan conjunction yang membedakan Main Clause dan Adverbial Clause ditulis atau diucapkan ditengah-tengah.

Subject + Predicate + Conjunction + Subject + Predicate
Kalimat yang digaris bawahi merupakan Adverbial Clause. Posisi dari Adverbial Clause bisa dipindah kedepan sesuai dengan kebermaknaan dari kalimatnya. Ada beberapa jenis Adverbial Clause, masing-masing dibedakan dari conjunctionnya, dengan arti lain, Adverbial Clause bisa dikenali dari conjunction dan begitu pula sebaliknya, kita tinggal memilih conjunction yang tepat sesuai dengan jenis Adverbial Clause nya.

Dibawah ini jenis-jenis Adverbial Clause beserta conjunctionnya:

1. Clause of Time
(when, before, after, since, while, as, as long as, until,til)
• While he was walking home, he saw an accident.
• By the time I arrive, Ryan will have left.
• You may begin when(ever) you are ready.

2. Clause of Place
(where, wherever, anywhere, everywhere)
• They sat down wherever they could find empty seats
• Where there is poverty, there we find discontent and unrest.

3. Clause of Contrast (or Concession)
(although, though, while)
• Jellyta wanted to stop, while I wanted to go on.
• Although it is late, we'll stay a little longer.

4. Clause of Manner
(as, like, the way)
• He did as I told him.
• They may beat us again, like they did in 1978.

5. Clause of Purpose and Result

•She bought a book so (that) she could learn English

6. Clause of Cause and Effect
(because, since, as)
• Because he was sleepy, he went to bed.
• Since he's not interested in classical music, he decided not to go to the concert.

7. Clause of Condition
(if, even if, unless)
If I see him, I will invite him to the party tomorrow.
• She would forgive her husband everything, if only he would come back to her.

8. purpose clauses
(in order to, so that, in order that)
•They went to the movie early (in order) to find the best seats.
•She bought a book so (that) she could learn English

1.      Where do you eat this food ?
Answer : In steak 21
2.      Where does any breaktime ?
Answer : In canteen
3.      When do you go to cinema 21 ?
Answer : At 11 am
4.      When does vally course english
Answer : Every Monday
5.      How often does any watch movie ?
Answer : Rarely
6.      You didn’t look fine when I meet you this morning
7.      While father was washing his car, I was making up my bedroom
8.      After they returned the book to the library, they went home
9.      You can keep that note as long as you like
10.  Please call me as soon as you are at home


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